The Pastor's Study

Pastor Darrel Cline

"Be transformed
by the renewing of your mind,
that you may prove
what the will of God is."
Romans 12:2
Bible Studies
  290 articles on various Biblical topics
    The newest article is Chief End of Man
Notes and Outlines
  615 pages of Luke's Perspective of Jesus
  591 pages on Paul's Message of Good News (Romans)
  100 pages on Paul's First Letter to Timothy
  77 pages on The Letter From James
  58 pages on Peter's Message of True Grace
  Georgetown Prophecy Conference (2002)
  310 pages on Paul's Message of Legitimate Faith (Galatians)
  138 pages (so far...) on Paul's Message of Motivating Hope (1 Thessalonians)
    The latest installment is 1 Thess 5:23-24 (4)
  4 pages on Poverty
Illustrations of Selected Truths
  12 Illustrations
    The latest illustration is The Promise
Online Books
  The Stuff of Martyrs
  The Election of Grace
  Mark's Picture of Jesus
  The Rapture is When?

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