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Topic: Luke's Perspective of Jesus: Ch. 1 Message Outlines

Luke 1:57-80 (3)

by Darrel Cline

Chapter # 1 Paragraph # 5 Study # 3
August 1, 2004
Lincolnton, N.C.


Thesis:"Identity" is absolutely crucial, and determining "identity" properly is also absolutely crucial.

Introduction:If I were to ask you this morning, "Who are you and how did you come to be who you are?", how would you answer me? There are two major blunders in which men engage that thwart their ability to live well by making good decisions. The first is that they do not give sufficient credence to the "glory" of God (by answering well the question: What is God like?); and the second is that they do not understand how much their perception of that "glory" impacts their perception of their own "glory" (answering the question "What am I like?). There are two issues that govern man's quality of existence: the first is how he perceives God; the second is how he perceives himself. "Identity" is absolutely crucial and determining "identity" properly is just a small notch below it in importance. These things would govern your answers to my question if I were to ask it of you this morning.

So, as we look into Luke's record of the birth of John, we are going to see how he emphasized these two facts...that it is crucial how a man views God and how, then, he views himself.

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