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Topic: Luke's Perspective of Jesus: Ch. 1 Message Outlines

Luke 1:56-80 (9)

by Darrel Cline

Chapter # 1 Paragraph # 5 Study # 9
September 12, 2004
Lincolnton, N.C.


Thesis:It is essential that we keep a legitimate big picture perspective while we are dealing with the confusion of the details of daily living.

Introduction:As we began our look at the words of God through Zacharias, we noted that the major foundation is that God has spoken in absolute, concrete, infallible, prophetic words. We saw that this foundation is laid to accomplish one intermediate purpose: to get people on the Road of Peace. We noted that being on the Road of Peace signals just how crucial our behavior is to God. The Road of Peace is a Highway where men "walk"; the metaphor is of a spiritual condition that directs the behavior that is symbolized by the steps men take. Men use God's dismissal of their behavior as a foundation of salvation as an excuse to dismiss behavior as a significant issue of life (so that they may do as they please and retain hope of going to Heaven when they die), but God uses His dismissal of their behavior as the foundation for salvation so that His dismissal may become the foundation for altering their behavior so that it may legitimately contribute to life. No one in his right mind can argue that what is done has no impact on what is experienced. The critical issue is not whether one's works have an impact on his experience of life; the critical issue is how one's works are turned from being "destructive of life" to "contributory to life". Paul pointed this out in Galatians 6 where he taught that because it is impossible that our works do not impact our experience of life, we desperately need to walk in the Spirit so that the works may impart the experience of eternal life as an experience of on-going joy. This morning we are going to continue to consider the words of God through Zacharias in respect to the impact of God's activity in raising up a horn of salvation in the house of David. We are going to see that God considers our "overall perspective" to be crucial to our proper understanding of the minutia of daily living for one reason...our understanding has a direct bearing upon whether we experience His life or our death.

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