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Topic: Message Outlines: Chapter 5

Romans 5:12-21 (11)

by Darrel Cline

Chapter # 5 Paragraph # 2 Study # 11
July 11, 2006
Lincolnton, N.C.


Thesis:There is a massively-greater-abundance to "Grace" than there is to "Sin".

Introduction:In our study last week we zeroed in on the question of why God brought "Law" into the picture at all -- since "Promise" had been introduced some 430 years prior and "Faith" was not only made the "mechanism" by the introduction of "Promise", it has been retained as the "mechanism" ever since, without any interruption. We saw, basically, that the reason God brought in the Law was that, though "Promise" is His "method", it is only effective by "Faith" and "Faith" was being broken down as the generations continued to develop. Abraham "believed" God and his "faith" grew over time so that, by the time he died, he was "old and full" (Genesis 25:8). Isaac "believed" God, but his life was not a testimony to a growing faith. Jacob "believed" God, but his own testimony was that his years were "few and unpleasant" and that they did not "attain to" the years of his "fathers" (Genesis 47:9). Jacob's sons (except for Joseph) were not noticeably "believers" at all and their testimony was that "God has found out our iniquity" (Genesis 44:16) - these words out of the mouth of Judah, the main player in the Genesis 38 story of extremely sordid evil. The problem was this: God made a "Promise" that He fully intended/intends to keep; but, the keeping of it requires the production of "Faith", and "Faith" was being chewed up in the lives of the people as the generations of Adam continued to be produced; so, God brought the Law into play to bring man back to "Faith" as the mechanism. His tactic was to hem man into an inescapable sense of his own horrible failure so that he might be compelled to "turn to God" for a better solution than any he had found.

Now, this evening, we are going to look into Paul's claim that, though "Sin" looks, for all the world, like it is the "winning force" in this world, it really is not even comparable to "Grace". We live in an age in which people brazenly profess faith in Christ while doing mean and evil things to each other daily without repentance. It is a dangerous age, and one we will not escape unless we get serious about "daily repentance". And what will bring us to a willingness to repent daily? Paul clearly believed that a clear grasp of the "massively-greater-abundance" of "Grace" would do it -- if anything will. So, this evening we are going to look into his presentation of the "massively-greater-abundance" of "Grace".

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