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Topic: Message Outlines: Chapter 6

Romans 6:15-23 (1)

by Darrel Cline

Chapter # 6 Paragraph # 4 Study # 1
October 24, 2006
Lincolnton, N.C.


Thesis:Freedom from Law is not the same as freedom from creation-order reality.

Introduction:Tonight we will begin our study of the second half of Romans 6. Like the first half, it is concerned with the tendency people have to play with fire -- to attempt to make some way to be right with God while doing ungodly things. Humanity's greatest "problem" is its deep reluctance to permit God to be both Lord and King. Therefore, grace shines brightest in the lives of those who deliberately take their hands off of their own lives in grateful submission to an enigmatic and sovereign Father. With a Father Whose thoughts are as high above ours as the heavens are above the earth and Whose judgments are "past finding out", the children of God are continually faced with the challenge of their own fears and the drive those fears create to "take control." Thus, the emphatic biblical position is that we must come to, and abide in, faith. We must be done with our "playing with fire."

There are good reasons. We have spent many weeks looking at the first one: our Father has dismissed the claims of Law against us forever. We will never be subjected to those claims. We will also spend several weeks looking at the second one: being free from Law does not mean being free from creation-reality. This evening we will begin by looking into the "reasoning" that prompts Paul's focus upon this tendency to play with fire that seems to be so prevalent among us.

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