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Topic: Luke's Perspective of Jesus: Ch. 8 Message Outlines

Luke 8:26-39 (7)

by Darrel Cline

Chapter # 8 Paragraph # 6 Study # 7
June 7, 2009
Lincolnton, N.C.


Thesis:Being "saved" often means not getting your prayers answered.

Introduction:When we first came to Lincolnton, we did a study called "Developing Perspective" because, as we have said many times, everything depends upon "definitions" and "perspective" drives those definitions. In the record before us this morning, there are two vastly different "perspectives" regarding Jesus. One makes "sense" and the other is completely "nuts", but, just as He acquiesced to the request of the demons, Jesus allowed the request made out of a completely irrational mindset, and disallowed the request made by the man whom He had saved. It is highly significant in this text that the "prayers" of the opponents are given the requested response and the "prayer" of the only one in his right mind is denied.

Why is this? Why does Jesus give permission to the wicked to accomplish their desires and restrain those whom He has saved from theirs? Almost without exception, people think that it ought to be the other was around.

The answer is to be found in the single word in this text that addresses what He had intended to do even before He told the disciples to go over to the land of the Gerasenes. That single word is found at the end of 8:36 and is translated in the NASB "had been made well".

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