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From the Pastor's Study

A collection of short articles on Biblical topics from Pastor Darrel Cline (darrelcline

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** Newest Articles ** Jewish Feasts in History
Right in Our Own Eyes The Feast of Passover
Knowing and Being Right The Feast of Unleavened Bread
The Foundations of Truth The Feast of FirstFruits
Holding to Things Not True The Feast of Pentecost
Is The Bible Full of Contradictions? The Feast of Trumpets
Theology Proper God's Expectations
The Love of God The Nature of the Church
Heaven and Hell Church Attendance
The Gospel Church Government
Faith Common Issues in the Christian Life
Repentance Issues of Prayer
The New Birth Signs of the Times
Once Saved, Always Saved Christian Counseling
Security Harmony and Diversity
Easter Tolerance
Christmas Science
The New Year Money

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Chief End of Man Local Church Membership
Why I am Not a Restorationist Did Christ Die Only for the Elect?
What Does 1 Peter 3:21 Mean? The Metaphor of Creation
Rescinded Forgiveness Perfectionism Vs. Muddling Through
The Myth Revisited Theological Preconditions to the Gospel - Part 2

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The Invisible King So Much Death
You Shall Be As God Resistance to Personal Study
What You Want to Hear   

Back to the Top     Knowing and Being Right  

How Do We Know About Life After Death? Does God Speak Clearly?
How Can We Know Anything? In Pursuit of Feel-Good Religion
What is Knowing? Epistemology
Ultimate Reality Certainty
Just the Facts? Credentials
Infallibility and Corruption   

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The Truth is Not Hard to Find Wanting to Know What God Has Said
Some Effort Required! Is the Bible the Word of God?
The Assistance of Logic and Experience Is the Bible the Word of God and How Do We Know?
Cavalierly Dismissing Islam Why Do We Have a Canon of Scripture?
The Chaos of Paganism Fulfilled Specific Prophecy
Judaism's Monotheism of Singular Personality Disobedient Religion
The Gazillion Forms of Christianity How to Read the Bible
Homosexuals, Politics and Ordaining Women Accepting Reproof
Authority, Priesthood and Tolerance Roots of Religious Rage

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Living an Unexamined Life Tradition
Consensus Subterfuge Too Much Christmas
Comfortable or Correct We Want What We Want
Brainwashing Chief End of Man

Back to the Top     Is The Bible Full of Contradictions?  

The Genealogies in Matthew and Luke Jesus and John the Baptist
The Angel's Message The Last Supper and Judas Iscariot
The Date and the Place of Jesus' Birth Miscellaneous Apparent Contradictions
The Virgin Birth Prophecy The "Contradiction" Between Mark 6:8 and Luke 9:3
Scepticism Regarding Other Prophecies   

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God as God God As Good: Part 2
The Biblical Apologetic The Theological Setting of Mark's Picture of Jesus
Daniel's 173,880 Days Does God Still Speak?
God As Good: Part 1 Did Christ Die Only for the Elect?

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God's Tough Love Love, Power, and Evil
God's Love Protects Why Should God Care?
God's Love Parents Pain Today for a Better Future
God's Love Pursues Love and Integrity
Love and Values Setting Priorities
The Value of Suffering   

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Who Gets to Go to Heaven? I Never Knew You
What Kind of Christians Get to Go to Heaven? A Friend of Jesus
Mouth vs. Heart No Friendship, No Heaven
Qualifying for Heaven The Temperature of Hell
What's Wrong with Doing Good? How Important Is Eternity?
Why Hell Exists   

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By Grace through Faith in Christ for God's Glory Close to God
Defining Grace Finding the Gospel at Church
Sincerity Escape Finding the Gospel in the Bible
Real Guilt, Real Penalties Finding the Gospel in Tradition
Bondage He's Going to Ask You, Too
The Need to be Saved Claiming to Believe in Jesus Christ
The Need to be Perfect The Biblical Jesus
Righteousness by Baptism Defining Jesus and Believing
Confusion about Faith Barnacles on the Gospel
Making Faith an Empty Claim Doing the Law
Conditional and Unconditional Promises Christianity Makes People Better
Conditions of Forgiveness False Expectations
True Repentance Receiving the Kingdom as a Child
The Difference Between Faith and Repentance Theological Preconditions to the Gospel - Part 1
The Simple Gospel Theological Preconditions to the Gospel - Part 2
Generating Barriers What Does 1 Peter 3:21 Mean?

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The Critical Issue The New Birth: One on One
A Way of Looking at Life The New Birth: Truth Based
Where Did God Say That? The New Birth: Cash the Check
Ignorance: The Excuse The New Birth: One Man's Story
Trust Your Bible Trust Me!
Tradition and Inspired Interpreters The Deception of the Miraculous
How To Interpret the Bible Biblical Faith
The Good and Bad Sides of Tradition   

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Where to Start His Way, His Strength
Isaiah's Level Road Coming to Repentance

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Does It Matter? Jesus' Two Births
The Bible and The Church Resurrection Life
Is it Baptism? Flesh and Spirit

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If I'm Saved, Can I Do Anything I Want? Fire Escape Salvation
Trusting in Jesus Alone What Grace Is
Where Faith Comes From Saved Forever By Faith
Believers Still Sin Ticket to Heaven Mentality
Faith as a Deterrent to Sin Free To Sin or Free From Sin?
Believers Living Carelessly? The Foundation for Doing Right

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How Sure Are You of Going to Heaven? Assurance of Salvation
Three Groups on a Scale of 0-100   

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True Religion, Bent Religion Why Do We Call it Easter?
Dangerous Religion Why Go to Church on Easter Sunday?

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Creative Giving What Can We Give Him?
Whose Birthday is it? What Are Your Plans for Christmas?
The True Significance of Christmas   

Back to the Top     The New Year  

Significance of a New Year Make a New Beginning
The Third Millennium   

Back to the Top     Jewish Feasts in History  

History That was Once Prophecy Logic, Ethics, and History
Lying, Crazy Prophet Pain Without Answers is Hell
The Ethics of the Gods Not Done in a Corner

Back to the Top     The Feast of Passover  

God Changed the Jewish New Year Jesus, The Lamb
Tishri to Nisan The Obedience of Faith
The Lamb Enemy or Friend?

Back to the Top     The Feast of Unleavened Bread  

Unleavened Bread Eating Old Leaven
A Break with the Past Three Kinds of Bread

Back to the Top     The Feast of FirstFruits  

FirstFruits Life Through Death

Back to the Top     The Feast of Pentecost  

Pentecost The Threat of Death
The Sights and Sounds   

Back to the Top     The Feast of Trumpets  

Trumpets Kinds and Times of Resurrections
The Rapture In the Blink of an Eye
Are You Ready? The Rapture: Believe It
Is This News to You? The Rapture: Restraint Removed
The Resurrection   

Back to the Top     God's Expectations  

God's Personality Quirks Reconciliation
Truth and Authority Facing Power and Justice

Back to the Top     The Nature of the Church  

More Basic than Faith: Truth The Necessity of Opposition
Where Do You Get Your Beliefs? Is Your Gospel Automatically Correct?
The True Church Many Churches, One True God
Can't We Trust the Church Leaders? God Sees and is Not Unmoved
The Necessity of Religious Deception   

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Do I Have to Go to Church? Choose Your Poison
Good Christians Go to Church True Worshipers
Reasons People Don't Go to Church The Church of Your Choice
Reasons People Do Go to Church Local Church Membership
What to Expect from Church   

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Elders Husbands of One Wife
Local Leadership God Really Means What He Says
Doing Well at Home Authority and Submission
Married Leaders Caring Enough to Require Accountability

Back to the Top     Common Issues in the Christian Life  

Status Lust and Obsessive Guilt Perfectionism Vs. Muddling Through
The Believer and the Emotional Roller Coaster The Metaphor of Creation
Surviving the Harvest (Romans 8:28) Why I am Not a Restorationist
Law Versus Grace   

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Why Does the Omniscient God Want to Hear What He Already Knows? Does Prayer Really Change Anything?

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Beyond God's Grace The Gospel is a Promise, Not a Law
Too Late for Repentance Abusing Jesus in the Name of Jesus
What Are Your Chances? Do Clothes Make the Man?

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The Myth that Forgiveness is a Solution to Bitterness Generational Sin (Part 2)
The Myth Revisited Generational Sin (Part 3)
Rescinded Forgiveness Generational Sin (Part 4)
Am I Subject to Generational Sin? (Part 1)   

Back to the Top     Harmony and Diversity  

Politics and Religion Why Is Harmony So Difficult?
Got Time? I'm Secure, You're Secure
That Old Time Religion Truth: The First Priority
Going Along with the Crowd? Truth-Seeking Basics
The Authority of Truth The Bible's Picture of God
The Teachings That Divide Us The Bible: The Last Court of Appeal
Truth and Harmony Religious People

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Live and Let Live Core Truths: A List
Tolerance And Intolerance Resolving Doctrinal Differences
Uninvestigated Assumptions Integrity
Unity and Disunity Catholicism and Protestantism: Oil and Water
Life vs. Warm Fuzzies Troublemaker Peacemakers
Core Truths: A Concept The Problems of Unity at the End of the Age

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Science and Religion: Power Trips The Pope On Evolution
The Bible and True Science Gasoline
Cheating on the Evidence Creation/Evolution
Capitalizing on Deceit A Critique of the Day-Age Theory
The Immorality of Theory As Fact   

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Let's Talk About Money Spare Tire
Is Material Abundance a Blessing? The Green God
Accumulation's Difficulties Showing by Spending
The Deception of God-Talk   

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